Opinions on X-Con Pro and Undersized Throws.

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I am think about buying one. It would be my first undersized yoyo.

How does it play? What should I expect from an undersized throw?


I didn’t think the x-con pro had anything special about it in my opinion

You might want to give the hitman pro or vigilante a look since they’re also yoyojams and undersized

I do however love the comfy feel of undersized throws


I think you should mention how small you want to go.

First, I do like the XCon Pro. The first few weeks I didn’t like it. I knew what I was getting into and it was very good.

The XCon Pro is a fantastic yoyo to make you improve your throw. It took me a while just to throw it nicely. Once I could, it really rewarded me with great spin times and amazing play. It’s not a metal, it’s not a plastic. Having gotten the throw down and reliable, this yoyo simply helped me all around on any yoyo of any size and shape, well, except for the Mighty Flea, but that’s a whole other area!

One thing I do like about the XCon Pro is that it’s a V-type shape, kind of rounded, but also nice and compact. The Hitman Pro is a bit wide for my preferences.

Now, how small do we want to go though? Token? PopStar? Littles? Mighty Flea?

There are plenty of great undersized yoyos, metal, plastic and more. I like to mix it up. I do prefer full sized, but having options is always a good thing.


I love playing undersized throws, they are fun and just have a different feel to them. One Drop makes awesome undersized throws, and are very affordable so you should look into those :slight_smile:

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I was looking for:
Diameter of 50mm - 52mm
Width of 40mm-41.5mm
Isn’t the X-Con Pro a plastic?


No, it is a metal/plastic hybrid.

And the X-Con Pro is a great yoyo. Long spinning, stable, and it almost seems to “flow” through the air in a way
that I’ve never felt any other yoyo do.

The Vigilante is another great option, though at the moment I think I prefer the X-Con Pro.

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Are plastic/metal hybrids hard to throw? Also what are the main differences between full sized and undersized yo-yos play wise?


They are no harder and no easier than anything else on the market. It’s just what they are made of.

As far as general performance characteristics of a full sized vs an undersized:

Provided they are made properly(good weight distribution and good workmanship/machining), then really the only difference is spin time. The undersized will usually spin shorter just due to the fact that it’s smaller, because it will usually weigh less. Undersized is more portable and pocket-friendly too if that’s important to you.

Undersized of course, requires better accuracy, since it’s smaller.

I prefer full sized. I like undersized to mix things up. Variety is great.

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^Thanks, Studio42!


Apparantly undersized throws tilt alot until you get used to throwing the specific one you have. I had that problem with my g funk, but I don’t really anymore.


What’s your budget? There are quite a few throws that I would like to recommend, but a few of them are a bit expensive, and I don’t want to come off as obnoxious.

But like Studio said, the material doesn’t really affect how hard a yoyo is to throw.

Throwing undersized throws is kind of an acquired thing. At first, your throws may be off axis and a tad vibe, but as you get used to it, it’ll become a natural thing.

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Budget is 95 dollars for the yoyo. Shipping cost like 5-6 bucks so I guess it’s 100-101 dollars when shipping is included.


Some of my fave undersized throws are:
07 888


I absolutely love the Ricochet! I know it’s a pricey undersized throw but it’s wonderful. As are the 44, Wooly Marmot, 888, I love 50 mm throws. I prefer the diversity of larger throws, but my hands fit smaller throws better truthfully. X3’s La Goutte and Crucial’s Cupcake probably get the most play out of my collection and they’re both midsized but I case them with undersized. Love’em.


Would recommend :

C3 Di base 2
Chico kestrel
Spin dynamics monkey fist
One drop Dietz with ultralight side effects
Yoyojam atmosphere

Unfortunately there aren’t many undersized getting released lately. The trend seems to be large diameter and wide width.


These are the undersized i have owned. minus the popstar, littles or other novelties. These are in my preference order.

  1. DV888
  2. Spin dynamics smooth move.
  3. Spin dynamics monkey fist.
  4. Magic yoyo t6
  5. General yo mini star.
  6. CLYW wooly marmot
  7. One drop Dietz.

My daily carry is a dv888 with concave and kitty 1.5. I have thick hands and undersized give me room to move.

For mid sized its my puffin all day long followed by the cascade. I also like to mix it up with larger throws like the chief, primo or the classic.

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The Wooly Marmot is my favorite undersized I have tried. Close behind is the Dietz.

Also, if you want a really good undersized without the price tag, then the 2.0 fits perfectly.


I’m not a big fan of the “plastic\metal hybrid”. They are floaty and I just don’t like em. I tried a Dark Magic 2 and I own a MIcroMo and I loved it for awhile. Then I started getting into harder, more technical tricks and I used my old DV888. I got very tired of that, so I went to A2Z. Tried many, many, many, Many yoyo’s. (To list a few, a Code 2, a 54, a Monkey Fist. I didn’t get a Flow 'cause I didn’t like full-size and It wasn’t out yet.) I Obviosly tried the Monkey Fist and the Smooth Move because Nick Gumlaw works there and I went for Smooth Move. (Nickel plated, I like heavier throws)

I love the thing. But if Plastic Metal hybrids are the kind you like, then get X-Con Pro!

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Is the X-Con Pro better than the ones you had dealings with? Seems as though you really dislike them.


The X-Con Pro is a great Yo-Yo. I’m not a big fan of the Plastic/Metal hybrid Yo-Yos. Even though it is 67 grams, it seems floaty… Er. But, that is my opinion. The Yo-Yo is an awesome, fun yoyo to use and it has smooth play and long spins. I like it for chop sticks and jade whips ;D. It is a good yoyo. I must say. It surpasses all Plastic metal hybrids for its price.