YYE Throwdown Sudden Death!!!

In Round 1 of the Throwdown, we had a tie. Unfortunately, both competitors can’t progress to the next winner’s bracket. Only on can go on. You only have 1 day to vote, so make it count!



And remember to prep your Round 2 video by the 15th

This was very very difficult.

Finch = Very smooth, lots of flow, Man U tshirt.

Nardcopter = More tech and slacks, longer combo.

Whilst I personally found Finch’s style more appealing to watch, I’m going to approach this as if I was a judge for an actual contest, and give it to Nardcopter, purely due to the added difficulty and technicality of his tricks. It was close though, I had to watch both videos tonnes of times and even resorted to counting string hits. :stuck_out_tongue:

My vote = Nardcopter, by a whisker.

I vote: FINCH!!! Better angles, love the smooth tricks.

Wait, what happens if this still ties?

the world implodes

we call up andre…

Yup, that makes sense. :smiley:

:smiley: No, seriously, that’s a good idea.

I was being serious lol

Leftylink and I were considering that or this, we decided to do the sudden death first.

Finch brought the dance moves to the table. I started to sway with him as I watched.

I was hypnotized into voting for him. THE SWAYING.

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all about that rhythm

Congrats Finch :slight_smile: I voted for ya as well :wink:

We’ll see if swaying is enough to get pass me! :wink:

He’s got some serious sway swag goin on, I don’t know if you can take it :wink: