YYE Return/Exchange process

Can someone explain to me how returns and exchanges work on YYE? Ok so the story is, I got a package from them with a yoyo and as soon as I took her out of the box BAM 4 scuffs all around the rim. I don’t really know how returns work online so can someone summarize what can happen?

Did it come with scuffs, or did u scuff it?

If it came with them, message YYE about it.
If you did it, then well, tough nuts

It had scuffs when I took it out of the box, that’s why I’m so flustered right now :frowning:

Quite strange…

Yeah, until I hear back from YYE I’m assuming it’s from the post office


I’ve not ever found any refurbished/used yoyos for sale in the yye store. Being as they all come straight from manufacturers and those manufacturers have quality control inspections, I doubt that it actually came out of the box with scuffs. And if the post office had caused these scuffs, then the original packaging as well as the priority box must have been quite obviously thrashed when it was delivered. Why would you even accept a package with he outer shipping box destroyed?

Unless…you got it from the BST.

Sorry to hear you received a damaged yo-yo. It is very unusual for a yo-yo to come with scuffs on it. Occasionally there will be a ding or machine mark under the ano that just did not get caught by quality control, but visual scuffs over the ano are pretty much unheard of.

Send us an email with pictures or give us a call and we can help you out.

Im pretty stumped yoo because all of my other yoyos from YYE have been in perfect condition. And no i did not get it off BST.