JK tour package.

I got my JK package and to my surprise upon picking up the package I could hear metal clanking together… I found out that the contents of the tour pack was not in any boxes but were all put in one bag where everything could scratch up each other… So my JK came with some minor dings and cuts. (Not a big deal for me kind of a bummer but I know some people really hate dings…) And one sticker was stuck to the bag but I got it off with no trouble. I just feel that people should have been told how this thing ships and that your yoyo will most likely be dinged by the time it gets to the door.

If any other yoyos will be shipped this way I would suggest letting people know.

But props for the new stickers,cards,and trick/trading card check off list.

if it came damaged, you should contact yoyoexpert. they would probably help you get it replaced.

I don’t really need it replaced, I was just telling them next time tell people how the yoyo comes. Or label it as a “B-Grade” or something like that.

you were unlucky and your mailman handled your package without care. this isn’t really yye’s fault. It was shipped off in mint condition, just the post office didn’t give it much care.
I ordered the 2nd prize pack, and it came to me without any damage. sorry that yours came dinged.

and they did say that it was shipped in a yyf plastic bag.

I just opened my jk pack today and it also had some dings around it, nothing major, and not anything that I’m complaining about, just maybe something to address in the future if there is a metal yoyo being shipped un protected with other metal objects

I knew it came in the bag but they didn’t tell us that the yoyo/other objects weren’t put in their normal boxes. All I’m saying is next time if such a thing is going to be shipped that way tell people in more detail how it’s shipped.

Don’t blame it on the mail service if the packaging itself is really bad. I find this pretty disappointing. I would’ve thought they knew better by now.