Very Disappointed with YYE

I received a YYE order that got returned. I fixed things, changed the address, and when YYE received the package they shipped out ASAP and I received it the next day. All three yoyos I received had vibe. The GoBig had vibe and some dry glue on the sides(I noticed it through the yoyo)

And then I took the caps out and I found this

I scraped it off and it still had vibe. I’m very sad about this poor quality.

Contact them again…I’m sure they will help you out but not exactly cool to try and slander them without taking the proper measures to get this problem fixed behind closed doors

That looks like a poorly done gorilla glue job… Anyway, it’s not YYE’s fault if the yoyos have vibe, more likely the manufacturer’s.

That’s more YYJ’s fault than YYE. YoYoExpert has the best customer service out of any yoyo store there is. It’s YYJ’s fault for making crappy quality things. Also partially yours for buying it haha

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Ummm…you should really just pm André.

Give the guy a fair chance, I know how he takes care of people so I’m betting that there is some information lacking from your post.

I think you know what to do now.