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Not really an improvement to the site, but I can’t imagine this topic on the other boards, so here goes…

I was at a local sporting goods store (Dunhams) the other day, just browsing around an I came across some hand gun cases made from hard plastic, had nice foam on the inside, pad lockable, and large enough to carry between 4 and 12 yoyos, depending on the case…
Anyway, I thought it would be a cool idea, especially if I could get one with the YYE logo on it… And I’m still interested, mostly cuz I’m broke right now…

Maybe this idea is hot, and maybe not, but I thought it was good and I think other people would enjoy it too.




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Well, YYE does make yoyo bags.


I know there’s bags and stuff, but I like the hard plastic for extra protection cuz I bike frequently and carry yoyos cuz that’s how I roll, and they have padlock holes which nothing else I’ve seen does…


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Well, I’ve seen lots of inexpensive plastic cases get beat up because, well, they aren’t made of a durable plastic. And plastic cases like the Pelican Cases can get a bit, well, way up there. It’s great stuff, mind you, but it’s too expensive for the most part.

Companies like SKB and Gator don’t make a full-foam insert, but hey, if you want a keyboard, guitar or bass-type case all foamed out, they can do it.

I like the looks of aluminum cases, but the plastic holds up a bit better to abuse. Metal rims work great.

What I saw was on Brett Grimes YouTube for his 3 year anniversary video was a toolbox with foam inserts he’s cut out to fit the drawers and open areas. That I think was a great idea for larger collections.

Personally, I’d just like to see a double sided soft case. It keeps the costs down to the users. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing YYE making a plastic carry case. Maybe to ease complication, have the foam in the center, with a fabric barrier between front and back, and then the outsides be zippered. The top side would have a handle with a reinforced cloth backing under the case material for dirability The sides would also have eyelet for attaching a shoulder strap. The bottom would have either 2 or 4 wide feed for being set down and not sliding around.

However, I’m positive a plastic or metal case is in the works. It’s probably a matter of getting prices reasonable.

What I would like to see is a display rack, such as like for golf balls, except in yoyo-friendly dimensions for up to 59mm in diameter for the normal shelves. Or have it adjustable for your 4A throws and Big Yo for the bottom shelves.