YoYo case ideas

Hey guys I need ideas and help for a yo-yo case for my one drop collection I would like to have them all in the same case and I have 80+ so it’s gotta be big. I thought about a hard rectangle shaped guitar case and getting foam. Any other suggestions?

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Steve Brown used to have a pretty famous bass case that was filled with foam and all of his throw. Can’t seem to find a pic of it though. It looked pretty cool when he got it all finished though.


They are expensive but Pelican cases are really nice and come in a wide array of sizes. They usually come with foam that has little blocks partially cut out so that you can custom design it to hold whatever you want.

Edit: something like this could work:


I’d recommend getting a couple cases that each hold ~30 yoyos. Easier to transport and store. I have a few like this.


Who has the cheapest 30 pc cases?

Apache makes stupidly good cases for the money. They’re from Harbor Freight. I have a massive one for storing all my edc goodies and keep contemplating getting one for my yo-yos.


I didn’t know they made yoyo cases that could hold more than 2 dozen Yoyos.


i have ones that hold 36 (18/side) but i only use one side in each. the throws bang together too much for my liking despite what you put in between.

the circle cut-outs are a nuisance as well. i’ve fitted the underside of the inserts with a matting so they don’t slip around or bang against the plastic