Anyone using Pelican/Peli cases to kepp your throws?

If so, can you share photos and experience using them? They look soooo cool ???

I remember shopping around for cases, and considered those. But, they just seemed too bulky, and too expensive for what I needed.  I can understand using one, if you’re really going to be thrashing the case around and only have one case full of throws.  If you need multiple cases, that seems like it would get really expensive.  I use empty poker chip cases, and they seem to work great.  They are sturdy enough, don’t cost much, and they are fairly thin cases too.,59350.msg619401.html#msg619401

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They are cool. But overkill for yoyos, to be honest. Too expensive and too heavy. I mean, if someone was giving them out for free, I’d say go for it. But if it’s your own money, I’d stick with the more traditional and lower cost cases.

That said, they are pretty bombproof. I keep camera gear in a couple for long term storage.

As already mentioned they are: heavy, expensive and bulky… And overkill.

They do float though👍
So if you are stationed on a Submarine with defective ballast tanks; you can always jettison your case though a torpedo tube.

It will float right to the surface.

Once the rescue vessels realize that there is a yoyo player on board; they will do whatever is necessary to save you😳

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I use cardboard box.

10$ at Walmart well spent

I have the small model (1120) and squeeze 6 throws in it. It’s only for bringing rarer items to contests and such. I’ll post a picture later.

I use pelican cases for wireless microphones and digital film cameras. They would be to heavy for a regular yo-yo case. They are well made heavy duty cases. In terms of a heavy duty case. This is one that was on the market years ago. The Bandia 1998 Hyper Spinners Heavy Box Yo-Yo Case.

Btw is that plastic case inside the case? what’s the purpose?
Also do you store this collector item case… inside another case ;D

It is for accessories and it fits in the case between the yoyos.

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This is a very nice looking case. What works for me, however, is a double case from Home Depot. It costs about $10, is sturdy, the 2 cases separate from each other and each one will hold about 15 yoyo’s plus accessories.
Also, at Harbor Freight, I found a nice four bin case that fits any yoyo and looks nice on my desk.

I mean, if I REALLY didn’t want a ding I would get one. But I Use a shoebox for my yoyos

edit: will post better picture tomorrow