Pelican Cases? Pics, anyone?

Howdy, ya’ll.

I’m kinda surprised how little info I’ve been able to find about converting Pelican cases to yoyo cases. A google image search shows a few…

Anyway…do any of you have experience with using a Pelican case? For example…the 1170 case looks awfully close to taking the foam insert from YYE bags as a direct drop in…just some extra squish…

Thoughts, and PICS would be appreciated. Thanks!


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I feel it’s a waste of money to drop that much on such a hardcore case when its not even necessary.

I left “waste of money” in the dust almost the second I got into this hobby. :wink:


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Did you search YYN? Seems like there were some on there years back…

I think I might be able to help out a bit on this subject. I actually have a couple different sizes of Pelican cases that I use… including the 1170!

Also, I think Attybud has a Pelican case (or some brand which looks extremely similar). I only know from seeing the pictures on the forums, but I imagine his is about the same size as my other case, the 1470.
You can see Bud’s case in the first post of the yyr appreciation thread:,46405.0.html

Go check out the Pelican website to find the case which has the proper inner dimensions you are looking for. I took a quick look at the YYE large contest bag ( and it seems to be relatively the same size as the 1470. I haven’t seen these YYE bags in person, but, based on the pictures of the people holding them… seems about the same.

The 1170 is significantly smaller than the 1470. It seems like it would be about the size of the small YYE contest back (

Here is a picture of both my Pelican cases. 1170 and 1470.

The 1170 is more like the size of a lunch pale while the 1470 feels like a briefcase (does anybody use them nowadays?). Both of these cases have 3 layers of foam in them, the middle layer being of the ‘pick and pluck’ variety. That means you can configure the shape of each yoyo slot to be whatever dimensions you want.

And here are pictures of the inside to show the number of yoyos each can fit.
1470- featuring most of my caribou lodge collection
I have it configured to fit 28 return tops.

1170- featuring most of my general yo collection - this case also doubles as my travel case.
As you can see, it fits 10 yoyos.

I don’t really care to get in a discussion about the pricing of each type of case available for yoyo use, but I will say that I am happy with my investment.


I’d suggest ditching the pelican case and going for either a metal camera case, or getting one of the metal cases from your local hardware store. At home depot, they sell cases big enough to fit atleast 24 throws for $25, you just have to buy and cut the foam yourself. Or another option is checking thrift stores for cases. I’ve seen quite a few brief cases and camera cases surface for under 10 bucks near me.

The $25 cases I believe are the same size, or maybe a hair smaller than the 1470 pelican case, but for about 1/5 the price.

Just an FYI – my 1470 cost $80 including shipping. There may be a place that sells it for $140, I wouldn’t know. You can get it for much cheaper though.

Sooo spot on, throwgoon. Exactly the two cases I’ve been looking at. Thanks!

Is there a way to affix a shoulder strap to either or both of those cases?

And in regard to price…yeah. It’s this case that’s gonna push the ol’ wife over the edge. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


oh alright. well still, 1/3 the price for the same size, and still more durable than you’ll ever need it.
I’m not sure if the pelican case locks at all, but I know the metal tool one does, which can be useful. I’ve heard of some less than honest people at contests stealing yoyos from cases.

No problem, glad I can help :slight_smile:

In fact, my 1470 came with a Pelican branded shoulder strap. It’s a pretty decent strap (size/shape/comfort)… the only issue that bothers me is the method with which you must attach the strap provided. I’ll try and explain without writing an entire novel… ;D

There are 4 parts to this equation. The case (1), the strap (2), and also what I might call the ‘attaching mechanisms’ (3 and 4).

You can see in this slightly modified image where the holes for the ‘attaching mechanisms’ are found. There are two sets of holes. When open, there is one set on the bottom of the case and another on the top of the case. Close the case and the holes align together.

Next you take the ‘attaching mechanisms’ and connect the bottom of the case to the top (literally - you’re screwing together the top to the bottom). The ‘attaching mechanism,’ in simple terms, is a nut and bolt with a key ring attached to the nut portion of the mechanism (the key ring is what the strap actually clasps to).

I find it somewhat annoying and inconvenient that I have to completely remove the strap and hardware in order to just open the case… and then I have to put it all back on if I want to use that particular strap…

In case you might have been thinking “well, why can’t I just attach the strap directly to the holes in the case?” That is a pretty darn good question!! That would make waaaaay too much sense! I have no idea why pelican chose this method of attachment. The strap provided simply can’t attach to the holes in the case, and you are forced to use the ‘attaching mechanisms’. If you really want to see some pictures with the strap attached, I can take a few.

Just to clarify, I am not really a huge fan of the pelican brand strap (only because of the method of attachment). BUT, finding a replacement or making an alternate yet functional strap is not terribly difficult.

That was a bit of a long-winded answer… hope it made some sense.

*EDIT- I forgot to mention the 1170. It did not come with a strap, but, it does feature similar holes in a similar location to the 1470. See the picture above (from yesterday’s post - the one with the open yellow 1170 - look next to the handle)

Yes, this particular case (1470) does have locks on it. There are two latches on the case (see pictures above) and each of them has a lock.

And yes, you are also correct about it being more durable than you’ll ever need. I think that is part of the reason I bought them though. I never have to worry about the case, running it over with my car, it getting submerged in water, dropping it while biking, or a whole bunch of other scenarios which are likely to never happen ;D

Don’t get me wrong… a pelican case is definite overkill! Nobody really needs one. Frankly, nobody really needs to have 500 yoyos in their collection. But if you’re going to have a lot of expensive yoyos and you want to store them in a platinum coated and diamond encrusted case, I will not be the one to stop you from doing so.

Just find the case that has all the features you’re looking for, analyze your options, and go for it.

I’m pretty sure a lock on your little case will not prevent someone from just taking the entire case… I’d rather them be able to open it and grab one or two. I only carry as many yoyos as I can fit in my pockets though so what do I know.


That is why I also

well when I go to meets/contests, I like to bring along my case. Both to show off my collection, and to let others try stuff they haven’t thrown before. Just be sure you keep a close eye on your stuff.
And I don’t think anyone’s gonna be stealing my case, as it weighs 30-40 pounds, and quite large. If someone can take it without me noticing, I think they might deserve it. :wink: