YoYo Case Help

Does anyone know where I can get a hard yoyo case that holds less than 18 yoyos? Thanks.

Why not more? Room for expansion is always a good thing.

I know a case that can hold 18/36 depending if you load both sides up and remove the loose inserts. Smooth sides are good for yoyo stickers if you’re into that. Reasonably priced and sized too, with extra holes to hold string, lube and even CW’s if you please. I glued the foam to felt backings, then glued the felt to the case. This reinforces the foam and adheres it to the case, but the cut-outs are NOT friendly for undersized throws such as the Hitman Pro and XCon Pro, which routinely fall out of the holes.

I’ve got this Vault case that I’m converting to hold 12. You’ll have to add your own foam and remove parts, so get handy with a drill.

Zeekio makes cases, and depending on the dimensions, you can either use their foam or replace it with your own foam and cut it to shape. There’s other brands too. It depends how insane you want to get on your spending as well as the desired level of protection.

Making your own case takes time but can be quite rewarding. While many people DO recommend the Hunts Tomato Paste cans for cutting, I personally do NOT because the hole is a bit too large for the smaller undersized throws. Since I have stuff up and down the size spectrum, I got a cookie cutter set that does the job fine in round. I may also buy a star shaped set as the star pattern seems to hold better in my opinion because the insides “grip” and the shape allows easy crushing/expansion to hold stuff from undersized to just in the oversized range.

Well I want a smaller case so I don’t have to carry around a huge case, and besides, I only have 8 yoyos. And I want a hard case because I have stickers and nothing to do with them. Also, do you know where I could get a case and foam? I’d rather buy a pre made one because I’d probably butcher the foam, but if I can’t find one I’ll try making one.

The YYE contest bag holds exactly 8 yoyos. It holds undersized decently and has a nice pocket on the top.

But I saw one of your favorite yoyos is the Fiesta XX and it won’t hold that.

Yes it will, in the pocket. My kid carries his Fiesta XX, Flying Panda and kendama in the pocket.

The rest of the case is full.

it all depends on what you like and yoyoexpert has tons of cases and there is always trading