Yoyo Bags and Cases

Looking for some cases for my yoyos. What case are you rocking and how do you like it? Looking for cases that hold 12 + yoyos. Pics appreciated

Probably help if you let folks know what general size you’re looking for.

My suggestion for a 3 yoyo case won’t be helpful if you’re looking for a 30 throw contest case.


This thread here shows a lot of cases. There are some nice displays as well in the thread.

Case-wise, I use an aluminum case I got at a hardware store. The foam that came in the case has slits every 1/2" so it’s easy to tear out pieces you don’t want. I then added foam to the lid. I have 30 yoyo slots in the case with the foam in the lid. (Edit: my case is in the thread I mentioned here)

YYE also has contest bags in various sizes (8, 12, 24) so since you’re looking for 12+ size the two bigger sizes might be appealing to you. I haven’t tried any yoyo specific cases so I couldn’t tell you how they hold up. I’m more than happy with my hardware store case.


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I have couple zeekio bags that I really like. The one in the middle holds 24 yoyo


I got the AceYo yoyo bag from aliexpress which holds 15 yoyos. I really like it and it holds everything I need it to.