YYE mystery box 2017

Hey guys I was looking at the yye mystery box and underneath it has the option for you to choose N W E what does that mean?

It’s simply 3 different options of mystery boxes. Each one comes with different yoyos. It adds more mystery :wink:

N=North W=West E=East

N=up W=left E=right

N=14th letter of the alphabet W=23rd letter of the alphabet E=5th letter of the alphabet

The rest is a mystery


I bet there is a code hidden here. Once people share what was in each box, it will be like the Rosetta Stone (actual stone, not the language learning system with the same name) to allow us to crack Ben & Andre’s mystery box code.

All you’re doing is deepening the mystery :slight_smile:

You’re focused on what you can see, but what can’t you see…

You’re exactly right! I only focus (purchase) on what I can see!

But think of all you’re missing out on! Mystery boxes, avocados, those assorted chocolates that don’t come with a guide… That’s no way to live.


I wasn’t going to but I bit and chose E. Now the mystery deepens.

Those chocolates are great till you get a fruity one like lemon :nauseated_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why no South?

We only had 3 boxes and the North is by far the largest of the 7 kingdoms.


Life is like a box a yoyos…

Next time should be Avatar theme: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. If there are only 3, we don’t need those war monger Fire kingdom

You’re right…that does add spice to life :wink:

The base number in numerology for all of these letters would also be 5. Add 1+4 and you get 5, add 2 + 3 and you get 5 again. 3 directions that all add to 5. Now consider this there are five different styles of yo-yoing but there are only three different kinds of yo-yo to use for all five. Three yo-yos to start with but five levels to attain to.