YYE money

I have about $175 to spend on YoyoExpert. I want to get one clyw and 2 offstring. What clyw should I get? What offstring should I get? (I already have the flight)

The Scout is said to be awsome.

I have a chief and I really love it. I want it to be better than the chief but sorta of relatable to it.

The Jet-Set’s are pretty good offstrings.

New jt wolty 44$ looks great.

Do yourself a favor and wait for the 7075 KLR.

Man I have too many yoyos…

sells collection

I’ll take 12!

Yea I have a scout and I love it

You have just described the Scout. Seriously the Scout is an AMAZING throw. You will not regret getting it.

A bit heavier than the Chief, as in more rim weight. I don’t enjoy it nearly as much.

It’s definitely a performer though.

i second this.