"Best" yoyo?


I know there is no “best” yoyo, but in preference, what would you say your favorite throw is? My budget for Christmas is $300 and I plan on getting a yoyo, most of my throws right now are undersized and sub $100. I prefer an H shape and I want a full sized. I was thinking maybe a H5xcheif or maybe a cascade? What are your suggestions?

(SR) #2

Why not call this favorite yoyo then?

Code 2, Chief, KLR


Is the h5xcheif any better than the chief as far as stability and spin time?


Trinity man it’s all about the Trinity


Not trying to use up your budget, but my honest answer is the $289 Anglam.
2nd has to be my Code2 with disc side effects.
3: Not sure after 2nd place. Positron?
4: Phenom
5: YYF Equilateral.
6: Chief or AC depending on my mood
7: Royale
8: KLR
9: Sky Walker
10: Freq. Wave.

List subjevt to change without notice.


But does the titanium rings inside of the anglem account for playability? Or are they just “exotic”?


Sleipnir. Done.



I think it’s done to make the yoyo feel a bit more solid around the rims. I like how it looks, I won’t lie about that. But I think that if this was probably done because if it was aluminum in that space, it would have been too heavy, and left open, it would have been too light. So, the only choice was a precision fit titanium ring. It fills the gap and adds just the right amount of weight where it’s needed.

However, do I feel the yoyo should sell for $289? No, absolutely not. I’m thinking more around the $189 price point. But, it does feel so smooth and plays so well, I am not going to complain about what I paid for it.

Similarly, I don’t fee the TI-5 should have run me the $345. But hey, it is what it is. I do enjoy it.

My main issue is as long as I enjoy it, the cost is secondary. Price is critical too. It took me a while to really decide to take the plunge and get a Positron, despite having already spent for and received both the Anglam and the TI-5.

History has proven that it’s not the top-dollar item that ins competitions, it’s the person using it. They just seem to need those top-dollar items to get them there these days(for the most part). Sure, almost all of us know of Jensen Kimmitt’s 2010 Worlds 1A win with a $35 Northstar.

Either way, back on topic. I like what I like. Unfortunately, my tastes are expensive. I like the good stuff. but hey, I also like inexpensive stuff too.


ewww. I thought the trinity played like a big goofy rock on the end of the string. I wish YYJ would retry the metal DM thing. I LOVE YYJ, but the trinity was not my favorite.

I have a few cascades, i recommend you pick up one of those along with whatever else.


I’m not a fan of plastics with metal rims so I’m not a YYJ fan.
Anyways, back on topic. I want something that’s very versatile. I do grinds, whips, slacks, etc. I was wanting a CLYW, but any more suggestions are open.


Code 2 is my aluminium beast. Positron is great too.


Get a Turning Point Prominence. Absolute beast.


(UmeNagisa) #13

Here, let me ask your play style.
describe it as best as you can
and ill let you know what i Think!

I own majority of the throws mentioned.

not the Anglam or freq wave or royale but everything else


Mighty Flea. Seriously.


My play is slower and smooth, so I’m guessing something heavier, and I use a lot of slacks and whips.


Also, I want something with a smaller gap so it won’t slip, but I don’t want it too snappy.

(UmeNagisa) #17

id say go for something a bit heavier
and wider. h5xChief

it handles slacks like a funnel

and it compliments slower styles very well!