I need help picking YoYos!

Hi I have quite a bit of money from my birthday and would like to spend it on some YoYos

I like full sized YoYos
I like stable YoYos (even if their heavy)
I have a Code 2, A YYF Supernova, and a Freq.wave
All suggestions are awesome

thank you

The CLYW 15% sale is still going on why not get a chief it’s full sized and nice and solid

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I’ve heard the Freq.wav plays very similar to the Chief. As for yoyos I recommend, I recommend the Catalyst or Super G.

Avalanche. 15% off

Fortunately there’s LOADS of stuff in that category.

I’d say due to the sale, if in stock, CLYW Chief or Avalanche will suit you quite nicely.

Yeah I would say get a CLYW. Like everyone els. 8)

If you like those yoyos you will LOVE the CLYW Chief and Avalanche. You can’t go wrong with those too. Either one you pick is amazing, but the Ava is cheaper.

Don’t forget it’s 15% off today!

Arctic Circle. It is my favorite CLYW. I have tried them all and this thing is rock solid.

Got a chief! thanks guys