New guy needs some assistance buying



I am new to Yoyoing and from the UK and I am after some advice, please.

I bought a DM2 - didn’t know any better and its OK.
Then came the protostar - love it.

For Christmas I am after a good metal.

I am currently thinking CLYW - Chief / Puffin or a Superstar (like the look of the profile and its YYF).

Help (by the way i’m 35 and money is not a key driver here).

Cheers, Lee


Get a cheif or puffen, or any clyw!


Personally, I LOVE my g5. I’m sure you could find that elsewhere online.
But yeah, you can’t go wrong with any CLYW’s.


Anything from CLYW will be brilliant. The YYF Superstar (especially without the hubstacks), Genesis and Supernova are great bang for your buck. The Werrd Irony JP is a phenomenal throw at about CLYW prices. If you’ve got money to throw around, then any of the high end Japanese makers (Turning Point and YoyoRecreation especially) are absolutely amazing.

Really though, once you get into metals over $80, just about everything is going to be pretty good and it comes down to preference.


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The Chief is my favorite CLYW, haven’t tried a Puffin though. I would say get the Chief anyways. It’s just so… perfect lol.

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Sorry for the double post but I need to correct something. lol

Except the Avant Garde 2. IMO, that plays like a $30 metal.


Anything CLYW is the way to go, except maybe for the Glacier Express, which is still great… just a different shape(like the AV2), Superstar isn’t a bad choice either. Also another great try would be One Drop Yo-Yos.


Buy a One Drop Cascade. It’s small in the hands for chopstick style tricks, but plenty wide for other string tricks. There are plenty of good colorways to choose from too.




Try the new yoyojam that just came out


So many good things to buy since money is no object.

Freq. Wave is $70, plays at Chief/AC prices with Chief-type performance. Another RecRev is the Facade. But the Chief and AC are really great and well worth it.

Superstar: I dig it. Really good, stacks optional for enjoyment. I don’t use the stacks but I keep them installed.

I have secured a Puffin. Can’t say more until I get it. I really like CLYW, got nearly all their models.

Also consider a Code 2 or Cascade. Probably the Code 2. Anything by One Drop is great, but the Code 2 and Cascade are their top competitors at the moment. The Code 1 is really amazing.

If V-shapes are your thing, the Angle or Anglam or Phenom would be good contenders. Trying to secure a Next Level and the latest Titan.

Also, DO NOT ignore new companies. GSquared’s Albatross and Nessie are fantastic. My preference is the Albatross since it’s more a shape that works better for me. The Eternal Throw Victory, get one while you can!! Also, the Rayoyo Chupcabra is another to get. All 4 of these I either have or have paid for and am awaiting them to ship.


The wrath!The wrath!The wrath!The wrath!The wrath!

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What are some of your preferences? I know you like the profile of the superstar. But how do you feel about the weight of the DM? Would you prefer something lighter? What about the profile of your DM? What size yoyo are you leaning towards?

There’s lots of things to consider when buying a new yoyo. But if you’re new and you’re still figuring out your preferences then you can’t go wrong with a CLYW. They retain their trade value very well and if you don’t like it you can just trade it for something you think you will like better.


oktave 3 is pretty much almost as good as the chief (IMO) with a very similar play and for half the price


C3 Capless :wink:


im 47yrs old yoing 9yrs all this guys are right about these are great yo old man toold man with a where i can buy what i want if u can get to a yoyo club try them all the thing is shape i like wider yo yo they are more stable
I watch my shape there all round but string gap side is eveything one drop are on the small size cl the larger size i like round 52mm close to 2.25in dim. i have 200 yo in the $100 doller + range i don’t like smaller but do like the bigg one drop love cascade its a guess ing game evey one got there fav. as u see if u buy on u dont like sell or trade i do it all the time out of all my high end 200 and still going by the month i dont like 15 of them ther on ebay now and all diffrernt brand. and i never ever pay full price so i can buy more. yoyo with out running outside my yoyo bugit ya right i spend $300 to $700 a month on yoyos ya i dont have anything better to do lol that my 2 cents


Cheers for the assistance so far.

I am currently thinking Wrath / One Drop Cascade or Code 2 / Chief


Yoyorecreation Sleipner, Gleipner, Stardust, or any of their models. Expensive but worth it.


Cascades are nice. so are code 2’s…

If i had to pick only one i could play for the test of my life, i would go Cascade, just because it has so much personality.


Foxland Precision Honey Badger. That’s what I recommend.