What yoyos should I ask for, for my birthday?

So my birthdays coming up right now and I’m looking to get some good throws I have no preferences really I just want your opinion on what you think I should ask for.
Ps: My 2 favorite throws right now are the YYf Genesis& General Yo Majesty

The cascade makes me squeal with joy every time I throw it.

Order a CLYW. theyre 15% off and in my opinion the best throws out there

I’m going to 2nd this. The price is right for CLYW’s at the moment. Get them while they last.

That or any One Drop.

There’s plenty of others. I have a Majesty coming my way any day now. General Yo is some awesome stuff. They need to make more KLR’s!

Ya I want a Chief but I can’t order one because my birthday isn’t untik next week):

tell YYE to take it slow.

I wish! :’(

Tell your parents to order it today then…

If you cant, get a OD Code 2 or a YYF Supernova