Having trouble choosing yoyos for birthday...

Currently I am making a list of some yoyos I would like for my birthday. Obviously I won’t get all of them, but a list will give some variety and options to choose from.

Heres the list so far:

CLYW New Sasquatch
CLYW Puffin 2
OD Gradient
YO Hatchet 2
CLYW Borealis (If it drops before my birthday, which is October 31st)

Heres some yoyos I like: Chief, Aviator 2, Barracuda, OD Benchmark W 2014, YO Musket, and the TooHot isn’t that bad.

Any ideas or suggestions from you guys? I’m looking for something I would like! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot and all answers will get a thank you :wink:

green duncan imperial - thanks in advance for the thanks

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Unless it’s an answer like that’s one

I like the weight of the sasquatch in the clyw line up, the OD gradient is fast and has a shape that looks sharp, and I’ve heard good thing about the YYO Hatchet. I have a yyo orbis and the quality is surperb for a $50 throw.

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YYF is releasing more Mighty Flea. ;D

You could always give the list to your parents and let them decide. It would be a surprise! I would add a Onedrop Valor to that list too. Awesome throw.

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