What yoyo to get..

I have 100 and my brother has 30. I was offering to grab a Puffin 2 that we could kind of share if he could lend me money, but he says that Caribou Lodge is overrated and overpriced and a waste of money >:( ??? Soooo, what should i do? other options? right now I’m kind of trying to just expand my collection and try new things. Current favorite: CLYW Chief, VK Slushy, Too Hot, Catalyst, Benchmark (W). THANKS

There are amazing cheap prices yoyofactory that are great like the north star
You might like a aviator 2or you could get a clyw off the forum. Really great yoyos for that price. If you are going to nationals there will be clyw fools golds for sale there

YYF Space cowboy looks dope. Just saying. Something cheaper is the YYOfficer hatchet 2 for $60. I’ve heard it’s incredible.

Boosh is in the money, there.

I’ve said it plenty before and I’ll say it again:

Hatchet 2. That is what you should get.

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Get a yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0.

Or horizon or Czech point.

If you like the Benchmark W shape, take a look at the OD Gradient as well. It’s under $100 and a great throw. If you save $20 more, the Format C is great too.

CLYW isn’t a waste of money anymore than YYR or TurningPoint is a waste of money. If your brother is deadset against CLYW though, you could look at some of the nicer OD stuff, like the MMC, Code 2, or Chik. YYO also makes amazing stuff like the previously suggested Hatchet 2.