Birthday yoyo?


My birthday is on August 10 and I’m goin to ask for a new yoyo (of course)
So what should I get? I’d like it to be high end or feel high end. Here are my preferences:

Id like it to be floaty

I’d like it to come in a cool color way

As you can see I don’t have too many preferences, so just whatever yoyo you think is good (and fits the preferences but it doesn’t have to)

(Erik Kerber ) #2

OD Cascade is a smooth flotyish yoyo.


Bro you already gotz one of these threads


There is a difference, my other thread i use to see what yoyo I should get with some money I got from my grandparents. This thread is about what I should ask my parents for for my birthday

(major_seventh) #5

Model 10 is the floatiest yoyo I’ve ever thrown, if you can find one. There’s some really cool Pink Moon and Copper Bowe editions on the BST.


TP paraniod its a little bit floaty and really stable plus really cool colorways!!!


It’s a great suggestion, but my parents would go crazy when they find out how expensive it is and there’s no way I take a turning point outside of my house haha. Also guys I’m not looking for the floatiest yoyo you can think of. Also what one drop or caribou lodge do you reccomend? Something in stock here at yye please


what’s your price range then?

Maybe a cascade


Price range, maybe $150

(major_seventh) #10

Dang, get a Chief then.


How does the chief play?


It’s very floaty and fast. It’s One of my favorites, and I would probably have another one if they weren’t so dang expensive! The floatiness is one of the most amazing feelings I’ve felt in a yoyo. It feels light and speedy with the stability of a yoyo 5 grams heavier. Btw happy birthday! I have the same one!

(major_seventh) #13

Not exactly fast, kinda right in between. It’s roughly one of the most popular yo-yos period for a good reason.


Thanks for the happy birthday! Do the chief is on the floatyish side? The only thing is that it’s a bit big. Is there anything smaller?

(major_seventh) #15

It’s just a tincy bit bigger than your Shutter. Feels the same size. There really aren’t any floaty yoyos that are smaller in diameter.


See, that’s the thing. The shutter feels a bit big for me. Plus the marmot hype is starting to get to me and I heard its floaty

(major_seventh) #17

I’ve never tried one but if it’s floaty I’d go for it. You’ll have to be quick though. 9 hours left, and they’ll all be gone :slight_smile:

(Erik Kerber ) #18

Yes the Marmot 2 is a really fun throw I own a Concrete blizzard one.


Yah, I was able to snag a mystery box last year, and I’m expecting marmots to run out as fast as mystery boxes so I’ll be waiting for the countdown

(velez_adrian) #20

Nomad is super floaty, a summit with brass side effects. That’s all I can think about