YYE Member Map

I know yye has a map feature, but it’s kinda outdated and isn’t that helpful because being at the state level is too broad imo. I think a revamped map should provide a count and list of members per town, county, etc. so it can be flexible. Since yye already allows you to tell it your town, it could just compile that into a map.

Additional features should include:
Last action (like, reply, etc.) & the date of that action
Date joined
Group ( manufacturer, string maker, etc. )


I think this kinda location based stuff has been ceded to the big social networks, frankly…

…but yye forums is the best social social :cry:

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Wait, there’s a map? Where can I find it?

Edit: Found it, but it says that the page doesn’t exist

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It’s also for clubs, not exactly members ¯\__(ツ )_/¯
not to mention it’s outdated and no one uses it


A map for yoyo clubs would be really cool, especially for newer people looking for people to throw with.


I have had similar thoughts. The current forums don’t really promote sharing location, etc. And as the internet has evolved in terms of privacy many people have been worried about this kind of information getting into the wrong hands.

With that said - I agree it was really nice to be able to see people on a map and I’m hoping to come up with a solution at some point. :blush:


It’s limited to the city so I think it should be fine. If that’s too narrow, it could be to the county?
It’s just letting you know who’s active in the general area so “general” could be determined by the user maybe?