Use the Community Map! Please?

Hey guys! I just thought I’d point out the Community Map tab here on the forums. It’s right beside the Logout button! I believe it deserves some positive attention and more activity from members. It is a wonderful application to allow us yoyoers to actually connect with other locals.

Only post your location if you truly feel comfortable doing so. I was originally going to just search the forums for PA Yoyoers, but I suspect that would not have generated much interest.

Mods, if you feel this thread is pointless, please go ahead and do what is needed. :slight_smile: I just thought this might be a helpful thread!

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My marker is on my house. So, if I anger someone, you’ll know the exact coordinates to aim your guided missiles to.

First time I clicked on that thing. Pinned myself right near my house.

You might be able to use all your yoyos for defense. :wink:

Awesome! Yeah, last time I actually clicked on it I was having issues with it, but I checked it again today and it turns out it is working now. Just pinned myself in my local town as well. I actually found a member who lives close to a friend of mine as well. Unfortunately, there are only two people who live in PA within a 2 hour radius of me pinned on the map!

I’m in Cumberland county, but I’m an international spy. You will not see my house. It will see you.

I think it’s great that you posted this, because it’s a cool feature. But, I’ll share the reason I haven’t used this feature. I was thinking that if I was to pinpoint my location, it might encourage people to want to get together to yo-yo, and at my age, it did not seem a good look for me. Most of the users here are underage. But, I have been active in the N.H. Yo-Yo Club thread. If anyone wants to meet up, I’m there sometimes. I don’t live in New Hampshire, but maybe I’ll put my location as that. I think that’s a great compromise, because it’s the best place to yo-yo. I will use the feature now. But, when I do, how long does it take me to appear on the member list associated with the map?

I Use. It bit all of the people are a pretty good distance away :frowning: sucks to be in central MD.

I’m on the map . I wish more people used the map as well .

I’m on the map but not to many people near south western PA

I thought I saw a cluster of pins near you…but maybe not that part of the state.

I’m probably one of them.

I just put it at my local town which is like 3 minutes away by car and 15 by bike.

I placed my pin some time ago but it only shows up on the map that is at the bottom of my profile when I am logged in and that is it. If you use that tab my pin isn’t there. Why is that?

I placed my pin on my neighbor’s house :stuck_out_tongue:

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I put mine in a lake. I even got a pm about it from someone once!

I am so going to do that!

That lake is within 2 miles of my house.

I put mine in the hole at a golf course . close to home tho

5 min from mine.

I know exactly what you’re getting at TA. I had someone on the YYE forums from my area send me a PM wanting to get together. I never answered back. I have no idea who this person is or their age. One simply cannot risk even the appearance of impropriety by initiating contact with children as an adult unknown to their parents. The kid probably thought me to be rude but unfortunately this is now the world we live in.