Use the Community Map! Please?

The map and pins seem to come and go sometimes. I was looking at it the other day and noticed if you refresh it sometimes pins show that where not there and sometimes it disappears when they had been there. I’m not sure if its just my computer or if its the map its self though.

I totally understand this as well. I feel like if an initiative is being taken though parents should be involved! I know when I was younger I actually met a few people through MySpace (blast from the past, right?) and part of it was my parents. I actually never would have been able to meet them had it not been for them either.

I guess my point is: if you’re underaged you should not go about meeting others without your parents being aware of it. I’m certain most of us are good people, but there are always a bad apple here and there.

Make it a point to be careful when you are online.

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