YOYO player Map. Go place your pin !!!

Not sure if everyone knows about it or not, but YoYoExpert offers an awesome world map(it is the Google World map)) that you can place a ‘pin’ on to show the rest of the yoyo’rs where you live.
Its just to give people a good idea of the yoyo’rs that surround them. Or say you are travelling somewhere, you can check the map to see if there are any yoyo’rs where you are headed.

The main point of this post though is to ask people to please place a pin on the World map of Yoyo’rs.

As it stands there are three yoyo’rs in British Columbia, and I know for a fact that there are many more than that, and it would be cool if you could all place a pin so we can become a more cohesive community.
I didn’t check(oops) but if there isn’t a note already stickied and informing people about this valuable and awesome map, there should be.
Thanks for your time,

Most yoyo players are under 18 and really, shouldn’t do this unless they have the permission of their parent.

A fair amount are under 13 and really should NOT do this regardless if they have parental permission or not.

I’m an adult, I can make my own decisions. And yes, I’ve placed my pin on the house right on my house.

I feel it should be voluntary. Some people may simply not want to be found. But in general, I think it would help with the community to see if there may be other folks nearby.

Place your pin if you feel comfortable doing so.

I agree with what Studio said especially about the parental permission. Safety should be considered. I also see how this can be used positively to find some folks in your area that yo-yo. I think it is a great idea.

I am probably older than most here (early 40’s) and I was still not comfortable marking my exact house. My solution was to place the marker on a public park a couple of streets over. I don’t think marking the exact house is necessary. Marking a park, library or something in the general area is more than enough to show people in the area.

Just my thoughts.

I placed my pin!

I am 14. I asked my parents and they said they didn’t care. I then proceeded to place my pin about a mile or so from my house. It’s actually right on top of my school! ;D

I agree, placing it on your school is probably a better choice. If you’re close enough to go to that school, you’re close enough to drive to a local meetup.

Or something like placing it in the middle of a lake if there’s one near you (no I am not amphibious)

City should be close enough for the intended purpose. If you need closer than that, PM th guy to work out the details.

Mine’s on my house so if I know where my stalkers are, then so do the police!

You’d think my stalkers would kill themselves due to sheer boredom by now.

I set myn on there