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I think there should be a locked in post on the start page of this section .
I read a couple of post and every one is very eager to go out and meet fellow throwers .
But all under age throwers need to bring a parent with them when meeting people on the web .
And I feel that needs to be clearly stated .


I agree.

Also, I’m out throwing when my kids are doing swim lessons and I am constantly getting pestered by curious kids, who I don’t mind asking questions. I will usually ask them to go bring a parent to be nearby. I feel much more comfortable with a parent knowing what they are doing, especially when talking to a “stranger”. One especially interested kid was quite a distance away from who I am assuming to be his father. Fortunately, while I haven’t met his father, I know where he is. Fortunately, the past week, the father was staying very nearby.

Also, many kids in my skill toy group are 13 and under, mostly kendama kids(no offense, because kendama kids are welcomed in my group), but most are simply dropped off and left to “whatever”. I feel it would be wise if the parents were to meet some of the more senior members of the group, stick around for a while and see what’s going on. These kendama kids may mostly know each other from school and other kendama events, but they may not know most of the yoyo group. Plus I have frequent “out of towners” show up, so that’s more variables to deal with. As far as I’m concerned, all the more reason to ensure parental involvement.

So, if you’re planning to meet me at Nationals, I have no issue or problems meeting your parent(s). It’s good they know who you’re choosing to want to meet, talk to or associate with.

Good timing. With a big contest coming up, this gives people notice and time to read it. I’ve also received not too long ago an Amber Alert to my cell phone. Safety first, even with the yo-yo community.

Bottom line is that how do we really know the person on the other end of the stream of characters? Caution should be mandatory.

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