How Can I meet other throwers and try throws.

I don’t know how to meet other throwers and I want to try new throws without spending lots of money. I don’t know anyone who throws and would like to meet them without taking a flight to my nearest competition.

Go to contests

First, you should establish where you are(not here, there’s an area for that elsewhere on YYE). You can’t meet other people if you don’t share where you are and are looking to meet others.

Second: be willing to travel a bit. Pick a reasonable distance. As you may be restricted by your parents, work within that. Also, if you are being distance restricted by your parents, that would mean “have them around when you’re meeting others”. Safety first, always.

Third: Try to find ways to meet others. If you’re out and about, have a yoyo on you. Play it. You never know who you’ll run into. There has to be other people out there.

Case and point:
I announce on YYE that the local TRU has Pro-Z yoyos in stock. 8 pegs FULL. The next day: the area landed upon that little endcap yoyo display at the TRU and left only a handful of Pro-Z yoyos. We’re talking 15 per peg, times 8 pegs, so, we can just say 100 yoyos and be safe. I bought 4, leaving 96… that’s like 90+ yoyos being sold in less than an 18 hour period. There’s people throwing in Sacramento/Elk Grove, I just think they are “throwing in the closet”. I feel this is representative of many areas, where for probably too many people, yoyo is a “secret” activity. No need to keep it secret!

Fourth: Go to events that you are able to attend.

I run a skill toy group. I do admit I’m doing a crappy job of it, but every time I try to do something like this, my life throws a bunch of stuff at me. Lately, it’s been mostly good stuff, which is a pleasant change. It’s a great way to get people together.

I am in the Sacramento, California area. I can do appointment only meets where you can try my stuff. I have to say “appointment only” because I have to keep track of my time usage as time is quite valuable these days.

Go to Craigslist, the “Casual Encounters” section is what you want.


This depends on the use of the word “want”.

I would suggest the previous options (minus Craigslist).

Go to a Yoyo club and try stuff.

I am literally waiting for yoyo143 to come in and be like “For me I’ll go to Bird in Hand and watch Gentry do his stuff and wait for Nationals (BTW I’m in Chico)”

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My parents dont letme travel far at all… So I cant realy go to clubs or meets, etc. All I can do is yoyo in public… everywhere xD and hope I meet someone else that yoyos too

But your probably not as restrixted as me… just let people know where you are, find people in your area, and sxhedule meetups

No idea. I only know of one yoyoer who lives near me, Eric Tran-ton, I have no idea how to find out if other people in my area throw.

Thanks for saving me the typing, lefty :wink:
(btw, I am in Chico,hha just kidding :))

True, I once ran into Augie at in-n-out… Haha

Well if you don’t travel you can’t go to contests