YoYo clubs?

Um so I saw the yoyo club thread with everyone talking about their yoyo clubs, and where to find them, and I was wondering…what does one do at a yoyo club? Are they normally only for really good throwers or can noobs go? My friends went to one in cleveland like a year ago, I couldn’t go with them though, but none of us could drive yet which made getting there again an issue. We all quit a few months later, anyways a couple of us started throwing again and so Ithought I’d ax you guys, what do you even do at a yoyo club?

I hope this is in the right spot if not im sorry it seemed like the yoyo club thread was more for discussing the actual clubs and locaions and meets rather than what they do


But for real, anyone can go. You really just yoyo, trade tricks, talk, trade yoyos, hang out. Pretty fun.

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Yes please put down the ax and lets talk about it, lol. When i go to a meeting i mainly talk about yoyo or non yoyo related stuff and trade yoyos, or learn a new trick.

You just hang out. Play yoyo. Talk.

It’s a good time.

But im not required to be pro right? Because if so i might have to wait a few months and i might have to lurk YYe a little less and actually throw my yoyos XD

NO there is absolutely no skill level to yoyo at a club. It’s not considered really a place for pro yoyoers to hang out. It’s basically like a guy inviting friends to come throw with him. If that made any sence :). It’s like hanging out at a place where other yoyoers meet.

I’ll bet you that you will find someone in there under your skill level :).

at YoYo meets usually there are people of all ages and all skill levels. Noobs to advanced players.

You basically just throw together, try each other’s throws, show each other tricks, and talk in “yo-glish” about how this bearing is better than that bearing and how I love this string more than this other string…

it is actually quite fun! Went to my first meet up about 2 weeks ago!

I agree with what everyone has said so far. I just attended my first yo-yo club about a month ago and I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to go.
yo-yo people are good people and I learned more in those few hours then I would in a week on my own. Not only that I corrected some things I was doing that made tricks easier.

So I would say the exact opposite if you are a novice then you should definitely go.

Learn, live, and be who you are. Simple as that.

You don’t even have to YoYo, I’ve been to club meets where we almost never throw the whole time. Go out for lunch, dinner, have dance battles, whatever. No skill required.

It’s all about peace, love , unity, and respect.
Nothing more, nothing less.