Should there be like a thread for this?

I’ve noticed that in this section, half of the topics are all the same

Mainly people asking if anyone is a yoyoer near them

Should someone just make an entire thread for meeting people in your area instead of having a bunch of threads with no answers?

Just an idea

i don’t know theirs a yo yo player map on YYE i think its just a matter of time before poeple start taking advantage of the map.

Where does one find this player map?

The problem with the map is you have to pinpoint where you live, for example I can go to your profile zoom in all the way put it on satellite view and see your house. Granted it doesn’t give me an address, but it gives me a street. Personally I find this a tad bit creepy and do not like the idea.

The idea has been brought up for members to place their pin in a lake or highway, so that the general area is known but not the street and house. Some people are more willing to share where they are on the internet than others.

Always remember no one has to have an account to read the forums and even if they did think about all that requires. The chances of anything happening are pretty slim, but there is a chance no matter how small.

Edit: I do like Rosiario’s idea about making threads for throwers in certain areas. The only problem is since some areas have few to none throwers, the reason why it is this way now, how would this be done? By state maybe and then give the more popular cities threads of there own. I don’t know.

I put mine in the middle of the city name that I live in.

That’s good enough.

Nobody should add their pin unless they are an adult or have parental permission.

I had my location pin-pointed down to quite literally my computer room’s location. I’ve since decided to “unshare” a lot of my information. I no longer share my location, birthday and lots of other stuff.

On topic:
I feel it’s the easiest method to simply come out and ask “I am here, where are you?” It’s a lot easier for people to relate to that. Plus, those who choose to respond clearly want to meet up with others.

Could there be a section of the forum called Yoyo Clubs? Threads looking for yoyoers near them kind of junks up the contest information section with stuff that is really just related to clubs.

I don’t think there’s enough traffic to justify its own area. That’s not to say it won’t happen. Clubs and contests are all big yoyo’er meet-ups.

There is a red bar on the screen that has chat, profile, messages, etc. There is a button on that bar that says “community map”. It is just to the left of the logout button.