Find Your YoYo Community! World YoYo Social Community Map

Dear Throwers,
World YoYo Social Community Map is a joint article by the discord yoyo server- Thrower Center and Weshop. We hope this map will cover all yoyo communities from all over the world to allow yoyo players from different countries and levels to find the yoyo community faster and more accurately in finding the communities that will help them.

If you would like to add any communities, please let us know in the comments below (community platform + community name + community link + community profile), and we will continue updating this content.

Here is the link :World YoYo Social Community Map

Thrower Center


I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Seattle… it definitely feels like a Jungle, so I guess it probably is in South America.

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Cool idea! I’m just waking up here so I kept trying to find the map where yoyoers added their locations… I’ll go make my coffee now. I have a couple ideas for groups to add to the lists so may list those out a bit later if other folks don’t mention them first.

Are you looking for pages for local yoyo clubs too (DXL Crew that meets in LA and has an instagram page, etc), and how about discord servers?

Of course! Many thanks if you have anything to add.

Of course! Many thanks if you have anything to add.

I’d like to help with this if possible.

Thank you very much; please keep in close contact; welcome to join our discord (Thrower Center) and contact admin.