YYE inside pics

Cool article I found about YYE. shows a little of the shop. Figured I would share it with everyone. Hope you enjoy.


Very cool, thanks for sharing. Story was pretty cool, always like to learn about these things.

I work for a company like this, seems more like a big game when inside.

Cool read. “Spinners” and “spinning” lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool stuff man! Thanks for sharing!

Really seems like it would be a cool and fun place to work at. And andré seems like he would be a cool boss as well.

Thanks for sharing. Yup, Andre would probably be an awesome boss. Actually, most of the bosses in the yoyo world seem to be pretty cool guys. Guess you’d have to be if you’re producing/selling/playing with toys for a living.


Your all welcome. I’m glad y’all enjoyed it. I think it would be a sweet job. My wife said she would be mad at me if I did that tho because I would be playing with toys and having fun all day…lol really?! Thanks babe…women…

My mouth watered on the first picture of the yoyos on the shelf.

Omg me too lol

Poor bob.