I think it would be pretty cool to..


…see a video tour of the YoYoExpert headquarters and of their warehouse as well as get introduced to some of the people who work there.

I really have no idea if this business is run out of Andre’s home or if it is an actual office.

Im wondering if anyone else thinks that it would be neat to see.


Yeah that would be neat.


I agree. But from what I hear they are way behind as it is.


I was not aware of that! Hopefully they are able to catch up without to much stress.


From what I see, they are probably pretty much caught up. I don’t see their release dates of products being off from other places. However, no argument, YYE was doing a lot of hopping around the map this summer and early fall. Andre and company certainly racked up a lot of road and frequent flier miles!

I have noticed that they were a bit late getting some models to the store, but from what I’ve been able to extrapolate, YYE, among other places, were having problems getting the product in the first place. So, wasn’t really their fault and they weren’t alone.

They are still shipping as fast as you can buy it. I have a purchase that hasn’t shipped, and the only reason for that is I requested it. It will ship next week with something else in the box.



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I recently got a G-Funk and it got here today and I ordered it Monday. They ship pretty fast, but I know they got behind from the hurricane. However, I’m sure they are busy enough just trying to fill orders.


A video tour would be so great.


I’d enjoy a video tour, also.


I request a tour as well, I think it would be a great promotional video as well as a new and interesting look at how these online yoyo stores run themselves. :slight_smile:


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And a video tour would be the best!!!

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I’d like a “real life tour” with “free” samples! Now that would be the best ;D.


True dat!! But a video tour would come in close second.


Free samples you say? I wonder how many “free” samples they would let us take :stuck_out_tongue:


**Accident double post :frowning:


That would be the best!!!:smiley:


Sometimes I think about what the YoYoExpert HQ looks like. A video tour would be great!

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I hope they do it