Has anyone noticed...


Has anyone noticed that the top two yoyo retailers in the US are run by two YoYoJam members? YYE is run by Andre and the retailer this year at WYYC is run by JD. Each on opposite sides of the country and each are run by very prominent people in the yoyo scene. Just thought that I’d share something that I found interesting.


Yep, we know. :smiley:


I just realized ;D


Now we just need a [good] store in the south and one up north.


We have air traffic in Minnesota and that is up north.


Actually I did know this. I still think it’d be cool if Jensen kimmit opened a store. He was a world champion right?


Yeah in 2010.


Yeah. Then he should make a website/store.


Jensen did start a yoyo store online a few years ago. He didn’t keep it up.


What happened? I’ll vibes?


I’m sure he was just too busy at the time. He was winning comps and doing sponsor stuff. It was ModernYoyoing.com


Well I thnk he should start back up.


Has anyone noticed the recent influx of vague titles? :wink:


yup i have


What else was he gonna name it?




Thanks Miami :D.

Vague titles make people curious and it makes people want to figure out what’s inside. But really, what else was I going to name it?


YoyoJam members and stores

Connection between YYJ and yoyo stores


Some suggestions.


I might name it “From Yoyojam Player to Boss.”. Then, I’d also point out that Hiroyuki Suzuki is a boss too. I’ve said in many posts, that Yoyojam must groom their players for greatness. Yoyojam is always my pick when the “who would you want to be sponsored by” threads pop up.