New companies

What new yoyo companyes do you think yye ahould start selling that they already don’t?

Onedrop!! :slight_smile:

there are other places to get yoyos other than yye

We’ve had this discussion a few times, and it’s always been the same answer from Andre. is dedicated to offering the highest quality yo-yos available and is constantly making efforts to expand it’s offerings.

Andre has noted that he has ongoing talks with 1Drop, but they have not come to a business agreement as of yet.

The most recent proof that he really is trying to get us more great throws is the soon to be here CLYW BvM, woot!

I know, yye is the only place I shop just for personal preference. And if they don’t have a yoyo I want then i’ll just wait till they git it. ;D

Modify;Or never git it.

Yes I know this I am just saying what company would you like to have that is not here at this moment.

True, but YYE still has that “homey” feel. You can tell the staff really care about the customers and it’s all about the player’s getting what they want and need.

Some other internet sites feel like “big business” and it’s not as personal. Hard to explain I guess.

When I buy yo-yos here, I feel like I’m buying MY yo-yo. Other sites it feels like I’m buying THEIR’s.

Well, in that case, I want YYE to get the AGAPES and a full CLYW line.

Weird, I feel the same way! YYE is awesome! ;D

If you think yye is the best site in the world say “I”


I’d love to see YYE expand to include General-Yo, ILoveYoyo, Big Brother Yoyos, Onedrop, Icthus’s Agape, and The Chico Yoyo Company. I’d pretty much be shopping at one website if we ever reach that point.

General-Yo. I need to talk to Ernie more about this…

Do we need more yoyo’s? We have YYJ, YYF, Duncan, SPYY, Hspin, and soon to be CLYW. IMO, were good with yoyo’s.

We really do. I don’t want a Duncan, SPYY, or H-Spin. CLYW doesn’t have what I want. I want to spend more then a YoYoJam that I would want to get. I have enough YYF. I’ll just buy - Oh wait, there’s nothing there!


Andre and I have talked. He’s waiting on me to get him a yoyo and information. Its looking good though I think.

I would like to see Turning Point and 44:re creation to be in YYE list~

Sure we do. At the end of the day, Andre is running a business. The more popular products he can offer, the better the success of said business. You don’t want Andre going anywhere, do you?

What I’d like to see is some expansion on the brands already offered. I understand that in a lot of cases exclusive deals prevent this, but I’d like to see it as much as possible.

Yeah, DocRobot’s right. Some more special editions would be great.

Also for a list of companies…

One Drop (Although that’s not happening)
and more…


Even though I probably won’t have money for one after I’ve spent on all the other things I really want:

Sky Walker
New Breed
Corvette $$
Something Werrd