More yoyos

I think this site should have more yoyo’s and more yoyo brands. at and they have all kinds of yoyo’s and yoyo brands. we also need more yoyos in the brands we have.

this is a growing site i think that this place has a great selection of yoyo

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The selection on this site has been growing extremely rapidly! I’m sure they plan on continuing to expand overtime, but it’s something that has to be done incrementally. Be patient :]

I agree, but it’s not always possible.

Also, we have had this suggested several times before.

andres site is better because yyn is always out of stock

Both of the stores mentioned have been around for a much longer period of time. I don’t even think YYE has been around for a whole year.

October. :smiley:

As is obvious from my screen name, a selection of wooden yoyos would be nice. See if you can snap up some Tom Kuhn and I found a thing called a Newton a one piece. I don’t have it yet (ordered today) but I am sure it should be a nice toy.