Too much money on display

I’ve been taking a break from from yoyoing. Sparked up an old hobby that took over for a while. But I’ve been getting that itch again. So of course at some point I want to buy a new yoyo and hit the new releases. Now I stopped counting after a bought my 100th yoyo so I’m not hard up. But by page 3 I notice that there really isn’t a lot to choose from under 50$ and a lot more 90$+ yoyos than when I stopped buying.

This concerns me for 2 reasons. One is It comes across as unaccessible to younger throwers that don’t have ability for self income. Even if they do it’s normally not a lot. AND WE NEED THE KIDS!

Second is that it creates the idea in newer yoyoers that 100$ yoyos do improve you ability. (Though I’ve never felt that happend nearly as much as it was made out to be.) At some point if you see 10x 90$ yoyos and only 3 30$ish yoyos you would have to assume they helped talent if you didn’t know better by actually getting there.

This can all be count with a lot of" well they could just…" and " new yoyoers should first…" but would and should don’t make reality. That’s not how people start hobbies. They buy dumb stuff first then figure out what they did wrong. Open this site and BIG RED RECTANGLE NEW REALESES. May be their first look at serious yoyoing. And it just feel discouraging.

About as short as a could keep it.


funny, i had a very similar conversation with a buddy of mine a couple of days ago…


So I’m trying to understand.

When I search the site for yoyos:
There is one page and part of a second with yoyos for fifteen dollars and under, about 28 yoyos.

There are four pages of yoyos fifteen to thirty five dollars, I’m not counting but thats a lot of yoyos.

There are five pages of yoyos from thirtyfive to fiftyfive dollars.

There are a lot of yoyos under fifty five dollars on the site.

Is the issue that the advertised yoyos within the forum are more than fifty five dollars?


I see your point, however, if you go to the “shop” page, there are 74 yoyos between $15 and $35, and 124 yoyos between $35-55. I did not bother to count the number that are sold out in each category, but, in the $15-$35 category, on the first couple of pages, there were plenty of options in stock.

I do understand what you are saying about someone thinking about getting into modern yoyo hitting the site and seeing a bunch of hundred dollar yoyos on the new releases page. I don’t see yoyo as being different from other hobbies in that most come in with the vague idea that there is work to be done to be able to throw like anyone on the learn pages. A lot of times, people start a hobby and dump more money than time, it can be yoyo, kendama, running, cycling, archery, chainsaw juggling…you name it. Money may buy fancier equipment, possibly more durable or precisely manufactured (or even just more eye catching colorways), but, I don’t believe any skill toys come with the skill preloaded.

Perhaps a solution to the issue you raise would be to have banners on the front page for the various price ranges. Maybe even an option to only show what is in stock.


Look at that. You know how to navigate the site and I bet you know what to expect from your purches. Are you a new yoyoers?

The current trend for flagship model yoyos is to go lighter and bi-metal. Lighter means going thinner which requires stronger materials like Al 7068 or Titanium. Stronger materials are harder to manufacturer and anodize/finish which drives up costs. Bi-metal construction is also more expensive for obvious reasons. So I agree you are seeing quite a few featured yoyos in the +$70 range.

So if I’m just starting out as a elementary or middle school kid with only a few bucks in his pocket, it probably would seem daunting.

For cheaper alternatives, I think the obvious answer is for YYE to carry more yoyos from budget Chinese brands like Topyo, Aceyo or Magicyoyo. I’m guessing that some of their cheaper models are pretty good and likely good enough for someone to learn on and progress to an advanced level. The downside is that this flies in the face of people who want to buy only American made. But realistically if you want to reduce cost, you are pretty much stuck with going to an overseas manufacturer.

edit: I haven’t done a count on what is available on YYE in the $30 and under range but I do know there are options on the site.

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There are 24 products on the first page of our “New Releases” section…

9 of them are under $35
3 of them are $35 - $55
4 of them are $55 - $85
2 of them are $85 - $120
3 of them are $120 and up
3 of them are not yoyos



Following this thread and honestly all hobbies are like this. If you go to the forums etc. you run into the enthusiasts who are buying the higher end gear and want to try everything that comes out and have lots of opinions on things.

I agree we need the kids, and can’t have them thinking the barrier to entry is having 100$ for a premium throw, but that being said if they are concerned with money and look for the more affordable throws, they are there! And many of them have re-assuring reviews talking about how great they are which should tell people that are new that buying them will not hold them back from learning.

In my experience most people will google “best beginner throw” then find a forum post or article and start googling those makes/models which will point them to YYE as a retailer that sells them. Maybe that’s just the way I would do it?


No no. My point is not that there aren’t enough options. That would be preposterous, but that they aren’t being displayed properly. Keep in mind none of this effects me. This site is perfect for me. But I know what I’m doing. Starter sets are the 4th click display down. You learn about their shipping before that. It’s too direct at me or anyone that has gone as far as to be a part of these forums. I’m talking about creating a more inviting first impression than new yoyos then shipping " WHAT!"
then deal THEN starter sets and when you click on that you’re hit with these displays of stuff they could possible know what it’s all for with replacement bearings and lube and tools.

The new Starter Sets are also the very first thing on our homepage slider when you go to - The first thing people see. We try to make yoyos accessible to all skill levels, not sure how else we could make it easier to find.


Ah I misread your post then. Sorry. Do you think it makes sense to add a beginner’s section on the front page that highlights starter sets and budget yoyos?

To be fair, there is a “starter sets” sign on the home page right below the “new releases” sign on the home page.

Look at that? Really? Alright I’ll accept a bit of attitude from you. Yes I know how to navigate the site and to be honest I’m not much of a tech guy. In fact kids often know more about how to navigate the web than I do. I’ve actually introduced hundreds of kids to yoyoing and many have navigated this very site and have found yoyos that are introductory yoyos, all on their own.

I agree with you. I would love to see more kids come to yoyoing, I love seeing anyone find yoyoing.

No I’m not a new yoyoer, but I have known many, but I was once, and yes I do have expectations from my purchases.

I was truly trying to understand your perspective and would gladly hear your point of view if you wished to communicate it.


Absolutely. First option= beginners here. You want them here. I’m pretty sure Amazon is where most are getting there first yoyos. Good old kickstarer. Or whatever that thing is they promote. I didn’t want to say it but I was planning on spending about 100$ here but ended up buy 2 yoyos off amazon for 30$ really like them. One came with a half spec bearing axel and 3x3 rubix cube And it’s all good stuff. 2 days after I got them I thought I’d share these thought. I have 2 yoyos and experts out 100$ it’s dawned me that’s not right. This site turned me off of this site. I don’t want to give Amazon my money. I want everyone that could support this site to support this site. I feel like if there is a better hook than new 90$ “competition” ready yoyos.

Ok let me try again. Your best point is YOU taught hundreds. Good they had someone to walk them through it and I’m sure you told them what sites to visit, what to look for and all the beginning tips. That’s perfect. That should be the first option here. Something to walk them though different styles of yoyo and what extra you actually get for you money. Or they could just go to Amazon. Take the same risks for a lot less money. Lots if yoyos there sell with beginner bearing and are very clear about that. I’m arguing bring more revenue to yoyoexpert. I already said it at someone else because I came here to spend about 100$ ended up gong to Amazon and spend 30$ was happy with the 2 yoyos and two after that it dawned on me that not right and came to talk about what I feel happend. My problem isn’t pricing but the display of it.

I feel it’d have been a better idea to take a poll from young beginners and see if that is in fact the case. Because otherwise you’re just guessing and misrepresenting a demographic that you are no longer a part of.


LOL wow man. Can’t decide if you’re just here to troll, promote amazon, or both.

I was planning to respond respectfully, but I ended up laughing at everything you say. Keep in mind I don’t want to laugh at everything you say, I want everyone who can respond respectfully to respond respectfully.

I’ve responded twice mentioning starter sets displayed on the home page and the quantity of inexpensive options in new releases and you have ignored both, you aren’t here for a discussion at this point and that’s obvious.


That’s a complicated discussion, but I’m Noob and I love the site, actually my first purchase was ReplayPro, despite ALL those super Premium option… I believe that people know what they want… Well, most of the cases… ^^


This is what I mean, why not ASK the people he’s thinking about to actually get somewhere in the discussion.

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Think about what you’re writing man, this become less about beginners and more about your point, and why you’re correct then continuing to talk about YOUR experience and assuming the majority of young beginners must be having YOUR experience.


Plus… Amazon doesnt have the service that YYE has… Hey, I’m talking by experience, purchashing internationally is crazy detailed, and with YYE my shop was smooth.

Could YYE website be better? The approach should have been different…
But it probably could… Everything can be improved… Especially my yoyo skills. LoL