Too much money on display

I guess you’re right. That’s why you’re out 100$ and Amazon got 30$ I’m trying to help you bring in and retain young customers. Google biginner yoyos. Amazon comes up twice before expert. Yep just trolling facts at you. Click on Amazon and it takes you right to beginer yoyos. Click on expert takes you to home page. I don’t need to promote Amazon. Their doing great. Far easier to find what I googled. I’m trying to point out places to improve this site like the topic I picked that you provide. Maybe think about getting rid of that if you can’t see past your pride when a criticism comes up. You’re arguing against better success. That’s confusing.

OOOOH OK, so now it’s about SEO… That’s 100% not what you mentioned initially and not what you’ve been talking about, but OK, Gotcha.

And we’re not out $100, you would rather buy junk on amazon. Have good day Clinton, maybe less internet.


Ahhh yes the multi billion dollar corporation comes up before the niche yoyo site on google? LMAO you don’t say?

Get outta here dude, you’re embarrassing yourself and not making any real points.


Cmom… The dude has a point that he didn’t know how to express correctly, there is no need of aggressiveness, yoyo family and community are too small for that…


I’ve returned a yoyo because of an anno flaw. Exchanged another unused because I didn’t like the color. I’ve also had a yoyo shipped with missing extras. Every issue was not really YYEs fault. YYE made things right for me every time I contacted them with an issue. It’s appreciated.


Browsing the budget yoyo options on any online retailer, whether it’s Amazon or YYE or any other, a newcomer is not going to know which one to get. They are still going to seek out advice on which beginner yoyo to get. Armed with a recommendation, they can buy from just about anywhere.

Now, yotricks makes a point out of recommending very specific models for new yoyoers in their youtube videos, which certainly helps drive traffic to their own store/models. YYE could do that but they don’t want to play “favorites” with any particular brand, and so they can’t really “officially” recommend only one or two specific yoyo models for beginners. It is simply the nature of being a retailer for lots of brands. But this isn’t unique to YYE. It is the same with pretty much all online yoyo retailers.


Now you just insulted every magicyoyo user. A customer that has shopped here for 9 years. Come on man. Not smart bussness.

I think it makes pretty good sense that a retailer who caters to all levels of players carries exotic, and premium items alongside budget and starter models.

Its like complaining that a car dealership parks the top of the line new models out front even though the used section is a row back

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You just admitted twice you don’t shop here Clinton… And what was insulting? The fact that I have no idea what you’re talking about other than promoting amazon on our website?


When I come to YoYoExpert I normally just open the forum page. Due to this discussion I decided to just go to to look at the store home page. There is a “starter sets” box right there. It’s not hidden or difficult to find or see. At all. I too am perplexed by your point @Clinton.


I have two kids and I know they go for what looks first then start research after its not what they want. I know adults that do that with cars. You start researching and you have to first learn the language the lingo what they mean then how they affect. It’s not as easy as just reading a new topic. You have to learn how to read it causing a lot of people across all hobbies to just dive in first and fake it till you make it.

Amazon has billions of dollars to buy the top advertising spots on any web search. It’s not fair to compare. That’s like saying your local hardware store isn’t better than Walmart. Go put your energy into something you like rather than wasting it ragging on things that you don’t


How would you propose to fix this impulse in children (or adults for that matter)? I don’t think there is an online retail strategy in the world that solves that problem adequately.


Sure OP has a point, but he’s being pretty disrespectful and aggressive about “his point.” Can’t really have a discussion when talking to OP is like talking to a brick wall.


When did I once say I don’t shop here? Check my purchase history with thousands of spent dollars here. Not smart bussness man. What are you doing? You represent yoyoexpert I’m just talking site layout for friendly welcoming. Calm down. I’m pointing out Amazon is doing a bit better at direct beginners to beginner yoyos. Your response should be " we need to try and improve that". Not you’re a troll, you buy junk, get off the internet. Really? I’m not attacking you by trying to help. But you aren’t representing expert in a very healthy way. Maybe improvement#2: don’t attack and insult your customers.

I’d love to see you run a store @Clinton . Welcome to our store can I interest you in the cheapest thing that we have here
This topic should probably be closed, it’s gotten toxic and unproductive


I love this site and the forum. You get a lot of great advice for purchasing yoyos, support along your journey, and make some great forum friends.

I personally feel that this thread has burned itself out and now is on a downward trajectory. I would be very pleased if the thread was closed and anyone that wanted to continue this would take it to pm.

Regards all!


It will help if you make it the first thing you see. Yoyoexpert is a catchy name. It makes you want to click on it. Then hold them there. BOOM! New to yoyos. Start here. Big shiny thumbnail. Make them feel welcome to the site not overwhelmed. Make the site feel like a fiend not just a bussness. You’re dealing with a lot of children. Yoyos are toys.

It literally IS the first thing you see… As I posted already, which you ignored.


I believe this may be applicable