YYE Discord?


Discord is a massive and really convenient chat platforms, like skype but way better. I know r/throwers has a discord server, but I was wondering if YYE has one? If not, there should really be one!


It kinda serves the same purpose as the YYE forums, but has more features such as custom emojis and voice chat. Discord bots also provide many services from server management to music playing to mini-games.

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Ehhh, we have Discourse. :wink:

(In case you hadn’t noticed, we just underwent a major overhaul of YYE to Discourse.)


:face_with_monocle: (lol I googled it and checked out their website. When i saw their images…)

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There’s not a specific YYE discord, but there is a throwers discord!

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It essentially replaces IRC so you might look for people into that, there was an IRC channel for YYE at one point.


Didn’t you basically invent discord? Saw something like that

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dis·cord /ˈdiskôrd/
disagreement between people.

dis·course /ˈdisˌkôrs/
written or spoken communication or debate.


Discord is a lot less monitored (even with good bots) and the chat is really hard to control. Its a lot more chaotic, its like mostly meant for gaming because you need that quick communication.


This is why I love the name.

But @Marm yeah @codinghorror I’m sure is the Grand Architect of Discourse.

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Very familiar with Discord (and Slack, etc). Agreed - I think it could have its place in the community… I have thought about it and might set one up at some point (especially if we decide to try and get everyone to link up at Nationals Worlds or something). So stay tuned! :blush: