Skype Sessions?

Any one down to have a skype throwing sesh ? XD

This seems like a good idea. It could give a chance to connect with others without having to drive for hours to a club or competition.

The Pen Spinning community’s form (UPSB) has TinyChat implemented in the forum so people can give each other advice on their spinning, learn tricks, or just relax and chat. I think trying something like this could be beneficial to our community too.

Just a thought. I don’t know if doing something like this would work, or whether anyone would even join the video chat, just thought id share this because it seemed to work really well for the Pen Spinning community.

I believe people would be willing to participate.


IDK if this is what you’re looking for, or even if I can say this here, but the throwers reddit has a discord server that’s public.

Hi, thank you for responding. What is a discord server?