Online skype conference event?

I was wondering if this has been done in the past. The idea is that we choose a date for a conference call on skype or on any kind of thing like that. And we just yoyo on webcam or talk about favourite throws. I can imagine there will besmaller groups in other conference calls simultaneously.

I was thinking around Christmas time so that if there are any young throwers getting yoyos as presents itll give them a chance to show them off.

This is just a one off idea. Im not expecting a mega turnout for the first try. So what do you guys think?

I like it. Maybe try something that would work better for a group discussion format like google hangouts.

Or maybe, if it is possible, we could have one constantly going on and people could join any time they want, and we could also set times for many people to come together. Kind of like the yoyoexpert chat room but it would actually be used.

Sounds like a neat idea to me, maybe do it once a month if the x-mas one goes well.

Shame there’s an unused chat room…