YYE Contest T-Shirt...for FREE?


This hasn’t hit the blog yet I guess. I noticed this new YYE Contest T-shirt released recently for $8. If you wear the shirt on stage at a competition (and send in a photo + order#), you can get reimbursed the cost of the T-shirt in the form of an $8 gift certificate to YYE.

I don’t compete, but even for those of us who don’t, an $8 T-shirt that looks this good, is a steal. YYE is always finding ways to encourage the contest scene, put some money back in your pocket, and promote the store all at the same time. Brilliant idea. I’m always giving YYE marketing props, as things are always evolving. Check this out…matches the contest hoodie perfectly too:

By the way, those hoodies are so soft and comfy. I have two, but I’m going to buy one just to wear around the house. Top quality. :wink:


Might have to invest in one of those for MA states! Free stuff is good with me. I’ll probably be broke after the competition considering that I might buy this, then there’s $20 dollar registration, and I’ll probably blow the rest on a new throw from one of the vendors (I’m hoping they have some RecRevs).


I think you get a bigger prize for competing and placing. Some gift cards.

(Alex Fairhurst) #4

I. Love. Andre.

(NotATyrant) #5

Do you have to compete in order to be reimbursed or do you just have to go on stage?


Very cool shirt.

I am just waiting on the Rally and Yeti release to get it all in one package.


Not sure, i think you have to compete…

(NotATyrant) #8

Well, it was worth a shot…