YYE Beanies

OMG, I was eating dinner and looked at my beanie while thinking of a YYE shirt, and it hit me, YYE Beanies!

If we could have these, I’d be sooo happy. Who agrees?

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I here by give my official aproval of agreement :wink:

here here! It gets cold in Reno!!

I agree. I would really want one of those. I would pay a lot for one of those beanies. For the eXperts they should make a video advertising YoYoExpert wearing a YoYoExpert shirt and the beanie. That would look awesome! Now I want one really bad!


Yeah, but only if it’s a helicopter beanie.

I’d go for that - especially if it had the official logo on it (sorry, the shirt is a little plain :(). Hoodies would be nice as well for winter! ;D

yup what he said ^

Oh my gosh, I would totally want the hoodie. On the front it should so YoYoExpert and whatever you want and on the back it should say make the simple amazing

Im not too big on the beanie Idea but maybe hats… Now, every one needs to spend the 15 bucks on a T-shirt so Andre knows the yye swag does sell! I got my YYE shirt and YYF yesterday, Im wearing the YYF one now…

Good Idea! Would grab one if I had the cash, but a hoodie would be a better idea for me.

I’m with you. I would love a hoodie.


I think it should red and black checkered with a YYE patch on the front.

And also in general, YYE flat billed hats. It’s like the Wooly Marmot Hat.

You win 175 Internets. Well played.

I want a heli-beanie too.

What happened to the old shirt? The one with ladder escape on it. But yeah, beanies would be nice… and original I think.

Hmmm… they still didn’t make pants, underwear, shoes and socks with a yoyo logo. ;D

I’m for all this stuff, specially the hat and the beanie ideas! But, I think the beanies should have bills!

i think we should get to choose from a couple different background designs

solid black background
solid red background
the red and black checkerboard someone had suggested

or maybe a choice of a yoyo on the beanie, like a DM, or an 888 or somethin

Personally. I think a black beanie with the YYE symbol on the front would be perfect. Red would not give enough contrast to the YYE symbol and it looks too complicated saying that the YYE motto is “make the simple amazing”.

All in all, YYE symbol on the front and “make the simple amazing” in white on the back.

i would love a hat, cause in hawaii i’ts hot, and never cold, coldest is like 68 degrees… :-X