Hey wouldnt be cool if YYE had hoodies or zip up hoodies? I think that be cool. I’d buy it. What do you guys think?

It’s cold here in PA, I’d pick one up in a heart beat!!! ;D

I might get one but its not usually cold in Florida. :slight_smile:

I’m not a hoodie wearer, so I wouldn’t get one. However, I think you might be on to something. I’m sure several out there would buy them up.

Thin hoodies or thick one’s? I’d get the thin.

you seen duncan’s mongu army (I think that’s the name) hoodies?

EDIT: shouldn’t this be in site improvement/ unrelated? Because it’s not really yoyo related.

That’s a great idea! But, yes, this should be in the site improvement section.

I’d pick one up in a heartbeat, jus like the YYF t-shirt…


I would buy one! I need one here in New York. How about the design like the new shirts but with a red X? Just throwing that out there…

that is a great idea if andre followed through , i would buy one

I KNOW I’m getting a Duncan/Save Deth Mongu Hoodie when they come out, and I would ask for a YYE one for christmas. Just as long as it came with a sticker, I REALLY need stickers from all the companys/websites.

NO it shouldn’t because its not improving the site at all. Its yoyo related because its yoyoexpert wear!

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While we’re on the sweatshirt topic, does anybody know anything about the Mongu hoodie, and when it will come out?

Sorry if I’m hijacking your thread, but I didn’t want to start a whole new one about it. I’ll delete this if you want.

Ohio is cold and I can never find cool zip-ups

Like have Yoyo on one side of the zipper and eXpert on the other…

Like the YYF team hoodie?

yes. I would buy one in a second

If they are heavier and loose hoodies Yeah I would get one!


What are you guy’s talking about? Sweatshirts or zip-up’s? I’d get a zip-up.

Oh and the YYE symbol on the back?

Um, I’ll stop talking about where this should go after this, but wouldn’t adding new, non yoyo related (hoodies, even with yoyo logos on them are nto directly linked to yoyos) content to this sitte improve it? so hence it should be in site improvement… but I don’t really care since I wouldn’t but a hoodie anyways :stuck_out_tongue: ok let’s stop talking about where it should go… now.

That would be SWEET!