Which of these 3?

All right guys! Im going to be ordering a Mighty Flea soon. Well actually my mom is gonna order it and buy it for me but I was gonna buy one of these three yoyos to get along with the Flea.

I know this is about MY preference but I wanna know what you guys think! Sooooo go ahead and vote for the one you think I should get and post why if you want to.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Or i could just get a T-shirt :stuck_out_tongue:

You should most definitely get a shirt! Then, you won’t need to be yoyoing for people to know you’re a yoyoer! and you have better yoyos already, don’t bother getting them.

Yes. Get the T-shirt. If you have a yo-yo that’s good for you, keep it. Even when you don’t have a yoyo like rsmod123 said, they will will know your already a yo-yoer.

I’d get a t-shirt or Lyn, but since you already have a g5 and arnt totally nerdy like me and dont want a Lyn, you should get a T, I just put lyn in my prefference.


well there isnt much of a porpose of getting a new yoyo since you already have an axiom
so you should just get the t-shirt

Yeah… if you do get a plastic YYJ, you may not use it as much since you may feel it’s not as “good” as the Axiom. If you feel this is the case, I would get a tshirt.

But, in the case of getting a yo-yo, I would get the Lyn Fury. It has a pretty wide gap so it gets unresponsive pretty fast and stays unresponsive without need shims. All in preference, but the Lyn is my favorite all-plastic YYJ (the Legacy doesn’t count because it has internal weight. ;))

~yo! shi!

ya thats what I meant that ha probably wont use it as nuch as his axiom

i would go with the t-shirt. let people ask you to see a trick you know.

keep it spinning

get a T-Shirt.

I’d get a speedmaker!

I highly suggest a T-Shirt. You have enough yoyos, and unless you are a collector, you don’t need more for now.

Alright! I see your points guys! A T-Shirt it is!!! :smiley: