What would YOU get?

Ok, so I got 40 bucks and ill probaly end up saving up for something else since I just got my Mighty Flea and stuff. BUT i do want to know what you guys would get if you were in my situation.
What would YOU do? :wink:

I don Know! Ill go with speedmakers, offstrings and hitmen.

the hitman is byfar one of yyjs best yoyos, it is just flat out great, in my opinon, my 1A yoyo of choice

Honestly, I think you have enough yoyos right now, man. You were talking about how you just got yoyos, then how you were getting out of it, and now you want more. I think you should calm down a little, and learn more tricks :wink:

Yeah, your right Samad. :wink:

But keep voting everyone!

I say if anything, get the Aquarius, and FHZ. That give’s you two more styles of play to mess around with. If you have a lot of yoyo’s I’m assuming that they are mostly 1a by the choices you listed above. Try something different, spice it up. They say “Variety is the Spice of Life!”

Or at least I say that. ;D