YYF and YYJ Snapbacks


I just thought it would be cool to see Yoyofactory or Yoyojam to make some snapbacks. :slight_smile:


Snap backs… ewww. Closed back please.


Ya, that seems like it’d be cool. I would buy one. Well, maybe no the YoyoJam one, I’m not a big fan of them.


Yes. I like closed backs better. Only problem is I don’t know my hat size. I want to order some embroidered hats with my logo on it for when I’m out and about and doing gigs.

But regardless, closed backs are so much nicer


I think I’d take a YYJ, I would only wear a YYF one if they somehow put the 09 Severe logo on it… Oooh, or maybe just the word “Severe” that’d be kinda cool.

But, this being the section for improvements to YYE, not the companies themselves, I wouldn’t mind seeing a YYE hat, snap back or closed back.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #6

No to snap backs ,yes to beanies.


Sorry dude im a ginger so i roll with beanies


Werrd had a sick beanie at Worlds 2010, wish I had one…


No trucker hats! They should be banned from existence.

Fitted hats are where it’s at. Beanies too.


Aw, I like trucker hats…

I guess I can live with just fitted and beanies, if Icky decrees it so…


I dont really like beanies, but I guess any other type of hat would be good for me. Beanies are itchy.


I d Like a YYJ SnapBack and beanie, tho they should also make YYJ, and YYF Hoodies


Umm, necro?




What does that mean?

(Waylon) #16

Lol :slight_smile:


It means you responded to a post that’s over 6 months old.


Actually… I consider it like two months. :stuck_out_tongue:


whatever. to each his own.


I don’t really care I mean you guys are also responding aren’t you