YYE Snap Back Hat


Just thinkin’ of how cool a YoYoExpert Snap back hat would look, kind of like the clyw hats. I would totally buy one. Who else agrees?


that and yoyoexpert vans (the shoe)


I like Fitted Caps (closed back) better, but i still wouldn’t mind a snapback. :slight_smile:


no thanks to the hat, or the shoes. I only wear fitted caps, and I personally hate vans. after skating them and rubbing an ollie hole in them after like 5 minutes, I’ll never pick up a pair again. Plus they rub the back of my ankle pretty bad until they’re broken in. I just wear emericas.


I would prefer fitted hats, I just don’t know my size. That is an easily resolved issue. I think the look of fitted hats is a lot better. My Studio42 hats are velcro backs. I’d like to get them redone as fitted.


Yeah, I’m pretty much talking about any YYE hat, I just recommended snap back, because that’s what they already use for clyw.


i think andré is working on a hat … or at least I hope that he still is


I would buy one too. I’m definitely a hat person.


closed backs are better but id go for a snapback, yye really needs more size varieties

(Mitch) #10

While I, like the others in this thread, prefer the flex fit hat… I’d buy a YYE hat… I’ve seriously considered getting one of the YYF ones, even though I’d have to deal with the snap back, and curve the bill…


A fitted definitely looks better. But, a retailer would have trouble selling them because of the sizes being so specific. It’s hard to know in advance which sizes will be most popular. They might end up getting stuck with merchandise they can’t sell. That’s why I think the snap backs are preferred. I read that 7 1/4 and 7 1/2 are most popular. I guess that is what people have said who work in hat only stores have said. Not sure how true it is though.


I’m like the smallest size, but yea I’d prefer a closed back they should do a flex fit that’d be perfect!


I would love a YYE hat. I personally like snap back. As for the shoes, I think that would be pretty cool.


Dat would be swaggin