Clyw apparel


Look so I was wanting to buy a clyw shirt and a 5 panel hat but I know you think this might be a silly question but I don’t really use clyw yoyos so it’s not going to look good or I should say not feel right becuase I will be using a yoyofactory yoyo while wearing a clyw apparel?


It’s not a big deal. You’re representing yoyos and that’s all that matters. I have an arctic circle shirt because it’s a cool design even though I don’t own an AC.


I must say, I only wear my CLYW shirt when I have a CLYW return top because when people ask what CYWL is you tell them then show them the return top then bust out some tricks.


Don’t worry about it!
CLYW has nothing against YYF and vice versa.

Support yoyos.

Heck, wear a 1-drop shirt, throw a Crucial, wear a CLYW hat, and get a TomKuhn tattoo while wearin a YYF wristband!

It’s all good.

But sure, get CLYW return tops too! :wink:


Wear whatever you want. That’s why we have choices.


Yeah I guess it’s sort of like skate board brands


I can wear a Red Sox hat without playing for the Red Sox. Heck, If I liked the design, I wouldn’t have a problem wearing some japanese baseball team’s hat. It is a style, and most likely people aren’t going to ask you what CLYW is.


I know what you mean. When I was a kid, if you came to school wearing Nike sneakers and an Adidas shirt, people would say something about it. We even had a name for it back then, “Perpetrating.” Kids would say, “Ooooh, you’re perpetrating, with that Nike hat and Adidas sneakers.” Usually, it only happened when people were wearing direct competitors. I got used to not doing it when I was younger, so I don’t do it now, although I don’t consider it a big deal. I think it looks nice when everything is uniform, wear all CLYW one day, and all YYF the next day. That is how I’d support both. I would wear YYE and YYF at the same time though, because they don’t compete. I agree none of this is any big deal, but I try to keep it uniform. It’s just my style from how we dressed “back in the day.”


Who cares? If you like it, wear it.