Sell out?

This is my first year going to worlds. I wanted to know do brands like yoyojam and yyf run out of yoyos? In particular, the Boss. Thanks

They will run out of yoyos.

Go to their table quick and you shouldn’t miss anything.

Will they be out if I only go on the second day will all the boss’ be sold out?

You can’t really speculate that. Just get there as quick as possible.

Does it cost anything to get into world’s

Yes. There is a lot to pay for, actually.

Yea, it costs a lot but fi you get a event pass its cheaper and you get a free T-shirt. I would recommend goin the first day, i’m staying up untill the midnight release :).

Let’s just say this:

Every company brings some people to help sell their yo-yos. How ever many people come affects how many yo-yos they have for sale. If they have a lot of people there then lots of yo-yos. Same way vice-versa. Get there ASAP is our advice.

They go FAST. Trust me whan I say “FAST.”

Buy them quick. First come, first serve.

Fixed? ;D Yo-yo pun!

Haha. I don’t like those.

They really go THAT fast? I guess I’ll sleep by the YYF table on the 12th then :stuck_out_tongue:

All I know is that it’s $9 at the door to the see the 1A finals on Friday night after 9:30