What's the scoop on world's? (1st timer.)


Hey there everyone,
I will be in Orlando for when world’s runs this year but I can only go one day.
I would like to know which day is best to go considering vendors and competition.
I am also interested to know all about the contest, how it all plays out, what everyone does, buys, sees, etc.


The first day is rather boring. Mostly the only thing going on stage is prelims.

The second day has some more prelims, and 2a, 3a, 4a, and AP finals.

The last day sometimes has sales on vendors items and 1a and 5a finals.

I’d say that the last day is the most fun, but the second day is great too. I’d advise staying away from the first day if you’re able to attend the 2nd or 3rd day.


Aren’t the spintop competitions on the final day though?
And how much stuff sells out by day 3?

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If you go on the last day, you’ll see the finals of 1A and 5A, which in my opinion is the best part. While some of the yoyos may be gone from the vendors that are there, you’ll get to see the finals and see the winners announced, I’d go on the last day for sure.


It’s a friendly event too, right? Everyone socializes and is nice etc., right?


Thats basically all worlds is. :slight_smile:
This video may give you a better understanding


Video isn’t working.