Free Shirts?

So I was thinking that YoYoExpert should make more deals involving yoyo shirts. Like when you buy a certain yoyo or if your cart has like $50 or something you get a free shirt or at a reduced price. I was just thinking about it because personally I am never going to buy a yoyo shirt at full price and I’m sure a lot of others are like that too. At the same time the site would get more publicity because when people wear one of the shirts it’s like free advertising.

I think there actually has been deals like this before.

What - Free donuts for a month with every $200 purchase aren’t enough?

Wait, what? I’m going to start doing more business with YYE.


free donuts? where (-.(-.(-.(-.-).-).-).-)

shirts always hav holes in them from this website

They’re for your arms and head.


My thoughts exactly! :smiley: